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  1. NO SMOKING. There is absolutely no smoking in the house. Any evidence of smoking within the house will result in forfeiture of the entire $500 security deposit as an additional cleaning and fumigation fee.

  2. NO PARTIES allowed in house with non-house guests. Only guests staying in the house may be permitted to gather in the premises. Dinner parties, celebrations, wedding gatherings, meetings, etc with non-house guests are not permitted in the house. Violation of this rule will result in forfeiture of the entire $500 security deposit as an additional cleaning fee and may result in an eviction.

  3. NO PETS. Pets are not allowed in the house. Any evidence of pets within the dwelling will result in forfeiture of the entire $500 security deposit as an additional cleaning fee.

  4. REMOVE SHOES & SKI BOOTS. Please remove your shoes.  The floors get very dirty even in one day if an effort is not made to minimize the amount of dirt brought into the house. 

  5. NO BIKES, SKI BOOTS OR SKIS inside house.

  6. FIREPLACE. Open chimney damper BEFORE lighting a fire and ABSOLUTELY DO NOT LEAVE the house if there is a fire in the fireplace. DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED FIRES in fireplace.

  7. USE OF GRILL – It is very important that you move the grill out away from the wood pile before using.You also must turn on the propane at the bottle before igniting. Make sure to turn of the bottle when through.

  8. DO NOT REMOVE ANYTHING from the house.  What is in the house is yours to use, but please do not remove anything from the premises. Remember, this is our personal residence in the Winter.

  9. Do not use the clean cycle on the oven.  The oven gets very hot and we want to be present when the oven is cleaned.  

  10. USE EXHAUST FAN WHEN USING OVEN or BURNERS. The fan exhausts carbon monoxide fumes which may build inside unless fan is on. 

  11. DO NOT USE metal UTENSILS on teflon coated pans.


  13. JACUZZI TUB JETS. The jets in the Jacuzzi tubs should not be turned on until the water is at least 2 inches above all jets. Turning them on early may burn out the tub motor.

  14. DO NOT BURN CARD BOARD or MORE THAN 4 LOGS AT A TIME for this may cause a chimney fire (and has in the past – a renter had to call the fire department).

  15. HEATERS. The heaters are only on the main floor – notch 4 is about 70 degrees. Never turn to high (the last notch), as this will overheat the house. The thermostats in the bedrooms do not work. Heat is only available from the main floor heaters.

  16. DO NOT USE CEILING FAN when fireplace is in use.

  17. DO NOT FORCE ANYTHING. If you are having trouble, please call and we can explain how something works.

  18. GARBAGE. Sorry, but Girdwood has no trash removal service. Do not leave trash outside house because it attracts bears. Take your trash to the Waste Transfer Station (a dump, but they haul it away). Each bag is $1 to dump. The transfer station is back down the Alyeska hwy about 1/4 mile before the Seward Highway on the left. It is CLOSED Tues, Wed., and Thursday and open the rest of the week and weekends, so plan accordingly.

  19. ABSOLUTELY NO ENTRY INTO ATTIC OR CRAWL SPACE is permitted for any reason.

  20. PHONE calls can be made from our home to local numbers only. You will need a calling card for long distance calls. The house phone number is 907-783-1069.

  21. USE CAUTION PLEASE…Fire-Pit outside:  There is an outside fire-pit located near the log pile in the front of the driveway.  DO NOT LEAVE FIRE UNATTENDED!  Make certain that the fire is completely out at the end of the night. 

  22. Absolutely NO FISH PROCESSING:  Alaska is a fisher’s’ paradise, but due to bear problems and foul smells.   There is absolutely NO cleaning or processing of fish allowed on the property.  Clean and dispose of remains at your fishing site.   Guest are completely responsible for any bear intrusion due to fish cleaning/processing.   Damage/cleaning fees may apply.

  23. EVICTION. We reserve the right to refuse service or cancel a reservation if it is suspected that our rules are not going to be respected or there are noise complaints from neighbors.

  24. CANCELLATION POLICY. Full refunds are made only when notified of a cancellation 30 days or more in advance. If less than 30 days, we will attempt to re-rent the condo. If we are able to re-rent the condo during your stay, only a $100 cancellation charge will apply. If we are unable to rent the condo, your rent will not be refunded.


As with any house, our house has some idiosyncrasies that you should know about. The water dispenser on the refrigerator only works if you push back and slightly to the right.  The upstairs showers work by pulling downward on the bottom of the water down spout.


 Win Faulkner 907-244-8906 Cell; 248-7202 Hm.; Audrey cell 907-244-8907


Moving Out Instructions:
Check-out time is 10:00 AM


  1. When you leave, please strip the sheets and pillow cases off all beds/pillows that were used during your stay and leave them in the laundry room.

  2. Make sure all of the pool balls and pool cues are accounted for and put in their proper place.

  3. If you played any games, please make sure all game pieces are returned to the proper box.

  4. If anything has gotten broken or lost, please let us know and we can update our house inventory for the next guest.  

  5. Cleaning supplies such as vacuum, brooms, push mop and cleaning chemicals are located in laundry room.

  6. Leave the keys on the kitchen counter and lock the door knob when you depart. You will be notified of any security deposit deductions within 10 days of your departure and a charge will be made to your credit card.


Each guest named below has read the rules above and agrees to abide by all of them. Any breach of these rules, broken items and/or missing items may result in a security deposit deduction.


Copyright 2008 Girdwood Getaways

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